#cap1 Learn Technology with RLCC Special Courses for School students and kids


Lady with laptopRLCC makes it easy for you. Now, it becomes easy to learn technology when RLCC is with you. We provide fully practical based classes". Theory and practical goes simultaneously, and this is what learners need and make them perfect.

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Make English learning fun with RLCC. We provide English Speaking classes for all age group. Special courses for job seekers, school students, and kids.

  • Individual Care
  • Interactive Classes
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    We provide coaching classes for students of class I to X. All boards except WBB.

    • RLCC's enthusiastic and expert teachers challenge to make you perfect in all your subjects.

    • MATHEMATICS GURU: problems in math? Don't worry at all! RLCC's MATHEMATICS GURUS are with you, who challenge to make math fun and the easiest subject for you.



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